Rubber weights 50 MM---(Price just for one)

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Lee Warehouse rubber weights are perfect for adding that incremental weight is so essential for making your training sessions progressively harder. This would induce optimal strength and muscle gains while reducing the risk of injury compared to going too heavy too fast. Thick rubber casing for noise reduction, training safety, and durability. 50mm diameter fits any Olympic size barbell.

Key Benefits:

  • Various exercises
  • Stainless-steel inserts
  • Solid and Ultra Durable
  • Good for commercial and home gym use

Product Features:

  • Rubber weights
  • Note that these are not Bumper weights. so can not drop it
  • Olympic size
  • Made to fit Olympic Bar
  • Please notice, that these weights are just made with rubber and some scratches on the surface.


Because those weight plates are made of rubber only, it also has a slight rubber smell, if you have any problem with this smell, please choose other weights plates.


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