Bumper Weights Colorful Olympic Bumper Weight

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Bumper plates are idea for Olympic lifting training, with a better quality plate than your standard plates. The extra elevation off the ground is ideal for deadlifts. 

Key Benefits:

  • Olympic Bumper Plates have been rigorously tested by coaches and athletes and are suitable for any type of workout.
  • They are durable, environmentally friendly, and built to last along with hand-trimmed edges for a smooth finish.
  • The stainless steel inserts fit tightly on all Olympic size barbells.
  • The material is produced from 100% of natural rubber, the bumper plates are designed for low bounce and high durability.
  • The new stock with lee warehouse logo on the surface.

Product Features:

  • The set includes different weights of the plates (5kg,10kg,15kg,20kg, and 25kg), and an easy-to-adjust weight to make it perfect for your workout.
  • Perfect for cardio and weight training.
  • Suitable for gym, home workout, and fitness assist.
  • Features a 50mm Centre Hole (will fit 50mm diameter Olympic bars).
  • The uneven color at the edge for some of them won't affect any plate use. Don't order it if you do mind and want a perfect one. no exchange or refund for this reason
  • Lee Warehouse logo on the surface.
  • Material: Natural rubber, stainless steel inner cover.
  • Plates: The weight plates are made from rubber and coated in brightly-colored rubber.
  • Weight: 5KG/10KG/15KG/20KG/25KG


    • Price just for one if you need a pair please order 2.

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