Adjustable Dumbbells | 30kg Multi-Weight Set

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Product Description

This adjustable dumbbell weight set is a perfect home gym equipment to have, it can be carried around with ease and is adjustable depending on your level of exercise. Multiple weighted dumbbells are all included in ONE case.

Strength training is one of the most effective ways to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass and burn calories more efficiently, strength training is an important part of any fitness program. If the fixed dumbbells are too light, you can choose this 30kg dumbbell set, simply unscrew the spinlock collar and increase the load slightly by adding another disc.

Key Benefits

  • Useful for both strength and endurance training 
  • Easy to transport

Product Features:

  • Carry Box
  • 4 x 1 KG Chrome Weights
  • 4 x1.25 KG Chrome Weights
  • 8 x 2.5KG Chrome Weights
  • 4 x Collars
  • 2 x Standard Size Dumbbell Rods

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