Human body Model Boxing Training

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As the new products from Lee Warehouse, we changed the old way for selling boxing bags only. This human body model boxing will help your training better. As you can see all the parts of this human model, good for boxing training. This is a real people's height and weight, made by high-quality rubber, easy to fit on tile or you can secure it to the ground with bolts. No need to hanging on the wall just make him stay somewhere in your home. The best choice for someone who needs to pouch or kick. 

Key Benefits

  • Movable boxing model
  • Representative of a human to practice all boxing activites

Product Features:

  • Size:  Around 79 cm x 50cm x 160cm
  • Hidden design with built-in spring.
  • The plastic base can be filled with sand and irrigation.
  • Material: Silicone, Steel
  • Suitable for all kinds of ground not for carpet.

Come with:

  • 1 x Human Model  punching bag
  • 1 x Base
  • Easy to fit tile or need to secure it to the ground with screws.

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