Smith Machine with Pully 40kg Weights

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The smith machine allows for multi-functional training and the ability to incorporate a full-body workout. Whether muscular endurance or muscular hypertrophy is the focus of the workout this machine is for you. With adjustable cable attachments, bar storage, and the smith bar, this is perfect for an at-home workout. 

Key Benefits

  • Chin-up/ Chest-up
  • Safety Bar 
  • Dipping Bar
  • J Hook
  • Cross-Cable
  • Landmine
  • Smith Bar: 7ft ( Max Loading is rating 330KG)
  • Weights plates holders

Product Features 

  • Model: J025
  • Machine size: 2200(H)x1250(W)x1500(L)mm
  • Steel Tube: 50x70mm
  • Rating Capacity: 300KG
  • Stacked weights: 40KG
  • Could load more weights plates (Suit for 50mm and25mm)
  • Color: Black

Package Size (come with 4 packages):

  • Package 1 around : 218 x 43 x18cm, Weight: 59KG
  • Package 2 around: 158 x50 x 27cm, Weight: 52KG
  • Package 3 around: 84 x 35x20cm, Weight: 36KG
  • Package 4: Stack Plates 40KG
  • Whole package size: 220 x 60 x 80 cm


This Smith Machine does not come with an extra Barbell and Weights.

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