Squat Rack | Adjustable Bench Press Rack


This squat rack can be used in a variety of sports modes at home or in the gym. Combined with a barbell, you can perform chest, back, or barbell squat training to effectively exercise your shoulders, abdomen, buttocks and Leg muscles, strengthen core strength, increase immunity and maintain good health.

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With this versatile Squat Rack, you may achieve the maximum degree of training variety. Whether you like working out at home or at the gym, this adaptable piece of equipment is made for use in a variety of fitness activities. Your training will be thorough and efficient. its great functionality enables you to do fitness exercises that target several muscle areas.

This squat rack also supports the workout program when used with a barbell. Exercises such as chest presses, back workouts, and barbell squats are all possible. These exercises efficiently work the muscles in your shoulders, belly, buttocks, and legs, assisting you in developing strength and a toned figure. You’ll gain a lot of advantages from using our squat rack in your exercise regimen.

Key Benefit

  • Adjustable Height and width.
  • Ideal for both squats and bench with an added bench
  • Comprehensive Workout Options
  • Strength and Muscle Development
  • Core Strength Enhancement
  • Increased Endurance
Product Features
Condition Brand New
Color Black and red/All Black
Packaged Size 87 x 84 x 17cm (L x W x H)
Adjustable wide 77 cm -116 cm
Adjustable High 102 cm -162 cm
Packaged Weight +-21KG
Product Weight +-19KG
Squat rack capacity Rate to 200KG
Warranty One Year

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 87 × 84 × 17 cm


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