Boxing Kick Pads | Double Hand Curved Kick Pad For Adult


This double-hand Curved Strike Shield is for your kick training. specially adapted for the rapid movements in Taekwondo. The top is slightly curved for optimum absorption. Air vents on the sides prevent too much pressure and thus protect the cushion from bursting.

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The double-hand curved strike shield is a training tool designed for kick training, specifically tailored for the fast and agile movements in Taekwondo. It features a slightly curved top surface, which optimizes impact absorption. The shield also includes air vents on the sides to prevent excessive pressure and protect the cushion from bursting.


Key Benefit:

  • Two handles and other bars on the back for easy handling.
  • The back handles are offset to allow the trainer to hold at ideal forearm positioning and comfort. whilst offering additional handles at the top and bottom of the shield. allow seamless transitions to a leg pad and horizontal kick shield.
  • This beast is perfect for every type of punch. strike. kick. knee. and more.
  • Work alone with the strike shield or with a training partner.
  • Benefit from the speed. focus. and strength you will gain from strike shield workouts


Product Features
Condition Brand New
Size 44 x 28 x 6cm
Color White & Black/ Yellow & Red
Quantity One
Warranty One Year

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