Weight Plates Chrome 50mm


Lee Warehouse Chrome weights are perfect for adding that incremental weight is so essential for making your training sessions progressively harder. If you are looking for a perfect set. this is the perfect set for you. Silver chrome weights look nice and shining. This would induce optimal strength and muscle gains while reducing the risk of injury compared to going too heavy too fast

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Lee Warehouse Chrome Weights provide the perfect solution for adding incremental weight to your training regimen. With their striking silver chrome appearance, they not only look impressive, but also induce optimal strength and muscle gains. Embrace these weights as your trusted training companion and unlock your full potential while prioritizing safety and long-term progress. By utilizing Lee Warehouse Chrome Weights, you can achieve optimal results while maintaining a safe and controlled approach. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced lifter, Lee Warehouse Chrome Weights cater to your needs. They offer the flexibility to customize your workout routine according to your current fitness level and goals. By utilizing these weights, you can effectively challenge your muscles, promoting continuous improvement and development over time.


Key Benefits: 

  • The grip gives you different options for workouts
  • Builds strength and muscles
  • The grip makes it easy to load and unload the barbell
  • Incremental Weight Increases


Product Features
Condition Brand New
Material Chrome
Collar Opening 50mm
2.5KG Diameter:17.5cm Thickness:2cm
5KG Diameter:21cm Thickness:2.7cm
7.5KG Diameter:24.5cm Thickness:2.9cm
10KG Diameter:27.5cm Thickness:3.2cm
15KG Diameter:31.5cm Thickness:3.6cm
20KG Diameter:36cm Thickness:3.8cm
Warranty One Year


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Weight N/A
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