Commercial Preacher Curl Biceps Training Bench


Lee Warehouse curl bar bench seats are commercial quality. When it comes to isolating the biceps for maximum concentration and development. nothing beats the Black Bull Fitness Preacher Curl! Preacher curls are essential for building overall biceps mass including the often difficult lower biceps.

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The preacher curl bench from Lee Warehouse considers the value of safety and comfort during exercises. The bench has a completely adjustable, cushioned seat pad that provides support for your workouts. This feature not only makes you more comfortable but also aims for a stable and appropriate form while exercising. Whether you’re a professional trainer or a beginner, this bench offers the features and quality required for an effective workout experience.


Key Benefits:

  • Positioning the upper arm for maximum stretch and a full range of motion while eliminating stress on your elbows and lower back.
  • Seat height can be adjustable.
  • Elbow and Lower Back Support
  • Fully Padded Adjustable Seat.
  • Commercial Quality.


Product Feature
Color Sliver &Black/ Red&Sliver/ All Black
Package size (cm) 104 x 80 x 30cm(L x W x H)
Package weight +-33KG
Max loading 300KG
Bench size (cm) 79 x 76 x 95 cm(L x W x H)
Assemble Required YES
Warranty One Year

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

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