Jump Box | Plyo Soft Jump Box 4 Sizes 20KG


This jump box improves the intensity of your aerobic exercise routines with a safe quality plyometric jump box. Gain strength, explosivity, and power by using our Soft Plyo Boxes.

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This high-quality plyometric jump set is designed to elevate your workouts while prioritizing safety. With the Soft Plyo Box, you can take your aerobic exercises to the next level. By incorporating plyometric movements, such as box jumps and explosive step-ups, you can enhance your strength, explosiveness, and power.  The soft and cushioned construction of the box reduces the risk of injury during high-impact movements. It provides a forgiving landing surface, absorbing the impact and protecting your joints, especially during intense plyometric exercises.


Key Benefits:

  • Durable soft foam interior.
  • Safer plyometric training
  • Features Velcro strips.
  • Suitable for practitioners of all ages.
  • It is appealing to younger practitioners.


Products Features:
Condition Brand New
Whole Package Size 150 x 90 x 74cm
Package Size 01 size: 15 x 74 x 90cm/+-3kg

02 size: 30 x 74 x 90cm/+-4kg

03 size: 45 x 74 x 90cm/+-5 kg

04 size: 60 x 74 x 90cm/+-7.28 kg

Package Weights +-20KG
Color 01:Green/02:Blue/03:Red/04:Black
Material PU Leather and ‎Pearl cotton
Assemble Required NO
Warranty One year

Additional information

Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 150 × 74 × 90 cm

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