Power Cage Rack Solid frame LW886

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Lee Warehouse Power Cage Rack Workout Station has a recommended 500KG capacity. Allow you to train solo in a safe environment, helping you to build up your strength as you test heavier weights in your workout sessions, and do the best muscle-building exercises. Add a workout bench and Olympic bars for even more versatility. Ideal for curls, pull-ups, squats, shrugs, and more. This power cage will be great exercise equipment for your healthy life! Just come with us and enjoy it!

Key Features 

  • Safety Bars
  • Pull up bar
  • Multi-purpose exercises 
  • Plate Storage
  • Landmine attachment

Product Features

  • Cage Model: LW886 
  • Cage Size:2300*1600*1100 mm
  • Package size :2300*1300*1100 mm
  • Cage weight: +-190 kg (Including the package box)
  • Color: Black and Red
  • Whole unit load: 500KG

Do not come with any other weights or bars shown in the photos.