Power Rack Cage with Lat pull down

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Have a full-body workout at home with this power cage from Lee Warehouse. Pull-ups, squats, and bench presses. Besides, this power cage station with lat pull-down machine and pull-up bars. Two solid, adjustable safety struts ensure maximum safety and stability, no matter what exercises you do. 

Key Benefits

  • The inclusion of two pulleys allows for different muscle groups and exercises to be performed with multiple different attachments.
  • Pull up bar 
  • Safety bar 
  • It is perfect for improving muscular strength, stamina, and toning or increasing muscle mass, depending on your personal goals.
  • Exercise your arm, shoulder, leg, back, and chest muscles through a range of different exercises which help keep training fresh and enjoyable.

Product Features 

  • Red & Black Model: J008
  • Plain Black Model: J088
  • Cage size : 110cm L x 125cm W x 220cm H
  • Color: All Black
  • Frame : 50 x 50 mm
  • Good solid frame
  • It will hold up to 500kg
  • 8-way training
  • Leg muscle training
  • Weight bench trading
  • Deep squat
  • Pull up
  • Push up
  • Pull down
  • Dumbbells bench training

 The package comes with:

  • Power cage rack
  • All the bolt
  • Two pull bar
  • Two solid steel safety bar
  • Two chains for the pull bar
  • Longer Lat Pull Down bar