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5 sets of lat pull-down attachment bars are tested wif heavier weights we custom-made. Perfect choice for home gym use or in the gym studio. Different lengths can effect different angles’ training of you’re body. Don’t miss it.

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The Lat Pull-Down Attachment Bars set consists of five bars that are specifically designed for lat pull-down exercises.  They can be easily incorporated into existing cable machines or pulley systems for lat pull-down exercises. Each bar comes in a different length, allowing for various training angles and focus on different muscle groups. You can pick your home gym attachments from one set. Our gym attachments help build up your body and focus on the muscles of your arms, shoulders, back, and abs. The different lengths of those attachment sets provide options to customize your workout and focus on specific areas of your body. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, these excellent attachments will take your fitness training to the next level.


Key Benefits:

  • Ergonomic neoprene hand grips are greater comfort and safety.
  • Effective attachment for muscles, enhanced strength, improved fitness, and bodybuilding with many bicep tricep exercises.
  • Easily build back muscles, and build the perfect body.
  • Targeted Muscle Development.
  • Suitable for Home and Gym Use.



Product Features
Condition Brand New
Color Black
Material Metal with rubber
Size and Weights 1 x 71 cm handles/3.3kg

1 x 57 cm handles/2.95kg

1 x 49 cm handles/3kg

1 x 30 cm handles/2.85kg

1 x 23 cm handles/2.8kg

Warranty One Year

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 34 × 34 × 34 cm

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