Smith Machine with Flooring and 80KG Weights and Bench


Lee Warehouse Smith Machine K1 is a multifunctional machine for home gym and half commercial use. It combines a Cable Crossover Station, Chin-Up, Smith Machine, and complete Squat Rack with various stations targeting upper and lower body workouts.

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Experience the change of your home workout space into a high-level place of function with our Smith Machine package. This all-in-one package features our most popular Smith Machine and a commercial adjustable bench, weights, and rubber mats to help you set up a complete home gym. This package combo is suitable for every level of fitness exercise covered all in one package.


Key Benefits:

  • Complete Home Gym Solution
  • Floor Protection
  • Commercial Use
  • Durability
  • Versatility


Product Features
Package includes 1 x Smith Machine J205

80kg weight plates (4x5kg/4x15kg)

1 x 2.2m 300lb 20kg barbell without bearing

24 x 50*50m Rubber Mats (20mm)

1 x Weight Bench Black

Smith Machine Includes 2 x J-Hooks

2 x Safety Squat Bar

2 x Dip Bars

1 x Landmine

1 x Chin-up bar

1 x Straight Bar

1 x Lat pull-down attachment-long bar

1 x Lat Pull-down Bar

1 x Short straight attachment

Smith Machine Details Model: J205

Assembly Dimension (cm):151(D) x 148(W) x 210(H)

Length of Fixed Barbell: +-190cm (Rate to 200KG)

Load Capacity:300KG

Product Weight: Around 175KG

Weight Holder rate to 200kg

Dip Up Bar rate to 200kg

Chin Up Bar rate to 200kg

Cable System rate to 200kg

Package 1 around: 216 x 40 x 17cm/60KG

Package 2 around: 158 x 47 x 25cm/45KG

Package 3 around: 49 x 31x 19cm/30KG

Package Size5: 40 x 27 x 22cm /40 kg

Adjustable Bench Item weight: around 24 kg

Assemble Diameter: 130 cm x 74 cm x 45 cm (L X W X H)

Total bench Rated to 350kg

300lb 20KG Barbell  Loadable Sleeve Length: 41.5cm

Sleeve Diameter: 50cm

Max Loading 300lbs

Barbell Weight: 20kg

Warranty One Year

Additional information

Weight 350 kg
Dimensions 220 × 100 × 100 cm

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