Three Tiers Dumbell Rack


Dumbbell racks are ideal for at-home storage for hex dumbbells. Keeps the area tidy.

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These racks are specifically designed to hold and display dumbbells in a neat and orderly manner. By using a dumbbell rack, you can keep your hex dumbbells off the floor and prevent them from rolling around or cluttering your workout space. The rack provides designated slots or shelves where you can place each dumbbell securely, ensuring they are easily accessible and ready for use. Not only does a dumbbell rack help maintain a clean and organized workout area, but it also extends the lifespan of your dumbbells. By keeping them off the ground, the dumbbell rack halps prevent scratches, dents, and other damage that could occur from being in contact with the floor.


Key Benefit:

  • Improved Space Management
  • Easy Access and Convenience
  • Protection and Durability
  • Neat and Tidy Workout Space
  • Enhanced Safety
Products Features:
Condition Brand New
 95cm Long Dumbbell Rack
Package Size 95 x 51.5x 10cm
Package Weights 20KG
Color Black
Material Metal with Rubber
Assemble Size 100 x 94 x 50cm
Assemble Required Yes
Max loading 250kg
 120cm Long Dumbbell Rack
Package Size
  • 100x60x16cm/11kg
  • 130x7x8cm/12.5kg
Package Weights 23.5KG
Color Black
Material Metal
Assemble Size 134 x 56 x 94cm
Assemble Required Yes
Max loading 300KG
Warranty One year

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A




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