How to Choose the Right Boxing Gloves?

Choosing the right boxing gloves is vital whether you are a beginner stepping into the ring for the first time or a seasoned fighter honing your skills. The correct gloves can improve your performance, protect you from injury, and ensure your hands are well-guarded during training or a match. This article aims to walk you through the various aspects of selecting the perfect pair of boxing gloves. Let’s dive in:

Understanding Different Types of Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves come in different types designed to serve specific purposes:

1. Bag Gloves:

These are designed mainly for heavy bag work, allowing you to feel the impact of your punches while providing enough protection to prevent injury. Bag gloves typically have less padding around the knuckles to increase the impact feedback which is a critical factor to improve your form.  If you’re doing a lot of heavy hitting, you can purchase bag gloves that come with extra padding to protect your hands.

2. Training Gloves:

If you’re looking for versatility, training gloves are ideal. Also known as boxing gloves, these gloves are well-padded and can be used for both heavy bag training and sparring. They provide a balance of protection and are perfect for beginners and intermediate fighters who are not yet specialising.

3. Sparring Gloves:

Heavier and with more padding than training gloves, sparring gloves are designed to protect both you and your partner during practice fights. They help simulate a real match while ensuring safety.

4. Competition Gloves:

These are lighter in padding compared to training and sparring gloves, designed to maximise the impact of your punches during a competitive fight. They come in two types: those for amateur competitions, which have strict regulations, and professional fight gloves tailored to professional boxing standards.

How to Choose the Right Boxing Gloves For You?

When selecting boxing gloves, consider the following key factors:

Size and Weight:

Gloves are usually measured in ounces, referring to the level of padding and the protection they provide. The weight of the glove you choose should be appropriate for your weight class and the type of training or fighting you intend to do. Heavier boxing gloves mean it has additional layers of protection, resulting in decreased punching speeds. Lighter gloves (8-10 oz) are typically used for competition, whereas heavier gloves (12-16 oz) are ideal for training and sparring. Simply put, as your skill level increases, you’ll usually feel safer using lighter-weight gloves.

When it comes to boxing gloves for kids, the important thing is to ensure that the padding is thick to safeguard their knuckles while covering the entire fist adequately, allowing for movement. Kids’ kickboxing gloves are typically bigger than adult gloves. Are also lighter in weight, starting from 6 oz.

Moreover, your boxing glove weight should also match your body weight. The heavier you are, the heavier your boxing glove should be. For instance, if you are between 45kg to 57kg, a 12 to 14oz boxing glove will suit you. However, if your weight is more than 72kg, go for a pair weighing  16 to 18oz.


The durability and comfort of your boxing gloves largely depend on their material. Leather gloves are preferred for their longevity and ability to conform to the shape of your hand over time, offering a more personalised fit. Synthetic gloves, made from materials like vinyl, are more cost-effective and suitable for beginners or occasional use.

Fit and Comfort:

Ensure your gloves fit snugly but do not restrict circulation. It’s always advisable to buy a good quality pair of boxing gloves that allow for flexibility and freedom of movement. Make sure to try on gloves with hand wraps before buying them, as this will affect the fit. If your fingertips rest near the top of the gloves with wrist wraps on, then that fits.

How to Measure Your Hand Size for the Right Fit?

To determine the best glove size, measure the circumference of your dominant hand just below the knuckles. Match this measurement against the size chart available from your chosen glove manufacturer to find the best fit. Right-sized gloves should feel snug with hand wraps on but not overly tight, allowing for a full range of motion.

Tips for First-Time Buyers

If you are new to boxing, opt for training gloves as they offer the versatility needed for various aspects of training. Consider investing in a decent pair of leather gloves if your budget allows, as they provide better durability and comfort in the long run.

To ensure your gloves last longer and stay fresh, clean them regularly and store them in a cool, dry place. Avoid leaving them in your bag after training to prevent odour and bacterial growth.

The Final Verdict

Choosing the right boxing gloves is essential for your training effectiveness and safety. By considering the type of glove, size, material, and fit, you can find a pair that enhances your boxing skills and protects your hands. Remember, the best gloves are the ones that fit well, meet your specific training needs, and feel comfortable throughout your boxing journey.

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