Kettlebel Adjustable Kettlebell Home Workout Gym


Kettlebell training is ideal for both targeted muscle strengthening and full-body workouts with a wide range of exercise possibilities. From gentle beginner exercises to muscle-burning routines. this durable exerciser fits into any workout regime and will get you toned. sculpted & strong.

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Adjustable Kettlebell Description

Adjustable Kettlebell-They may be modified to match different fitness levels and goals thanks to their extensive array of workout options. Those kettlebell weights are the perfect choice to any workou training. They are good for beginners or experts. Based on their adjustable design, traininers can get heavier weights and the lighter one. With simultaneous activation of several muscle groups, kettlebell training offers a thorough exercise that focuses on building strength, stamina, and general fitness. Kettlebells may aid in your development of a toned, sculpted, and strong body if you use the appropriate techniques and exercise programs.


Key Benefit 

  • Floor-Friendly Design.
  • Versatility in Exercises.
  • Suitable for Various Training Environments.
  • Safe and Effective Training.


Products Features:
Model 9KG Adjustable Kettlebell
Condition Brand New
Material ABS handle + cast iron weight
Color Black and Yellow
Weights include 6 x 2.5LB
Size cm 23 x 20 x 24cm (L X W X H)
Package Weights 10KG
Model 18KG Adjustable Kettlebell
Condition Brand New
Material ABS handle + cast iron weight
Color Black and Red
Weights include 2 x 2.1kg /2 x 2.5kg/2 x 2.7kg
Size cm 20 x 23 x 27cm (L X W X H)
Package Weights 20KG
Warranty One Year


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