Olympic Barbell Plastic Collars 50 MM—(Price for a pair)

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Olympic Barbell Clips are made of the hardest ABS plastic that can stand up to the toughest home, gym, or group-exercise environment. Fit for 50mm Olympic Barbell. Simply lift the clamp clip and insert the bar through the clamp and close the clamp clip so there is a secure lock. Open the snap-latch design locking mechanism, slide onto the bar and up to the weight, and lock in place. 

 Key Benefits 

  • Safety for performing exercises
  • Allows for an extremely safe safety measure as it is extremely tight and will stop the movement of weight plates.

Product Features:

  • Heavy Duty Plastic (ABS + Nylon)
  • Works perfectly for CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, heavy lifting and any training with an Olympic bar
  • Quick snaps one key close & open
  • The inner diameter of the clip is 50 MM
  • Multi-color available
  • Package includes: 2 x Barbell Collars

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