Cable Crossover Machine | Pull Up Pulley Machine | Multi Station Cage

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With the cable crossover machine, you can perform full arms, shoulders, back, chest, and abs workouts. Utilize it in various ways so that your silhouette develops harmoniously.

Key Benefits:

  • Using both the upper pulleys you can perform precise training of your chest or biceps. 
  • You can do chin-up training.
  • The sturdy construction of the extra wide and tall mainframe provides you with easy access to an endless array of high and low pulley exercises.

Product Features:

  • Machine Size: Around 229 x 195  x 104cm
  • Package Size: 224 x 114 x 28cm (Flat Wooden Package)
  • Weight Stacked: 140KG in total (70KG on each side)
  • Steel Tube: 50x100mm, thickness 2.5mm
  • D Type Handle included

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