Smith Machine|Multifunction Power Cage with Lat Pulldown System

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A Smith machine is ideal for a home or commercial gym. With adjustable attachments, a Smith machine bar, plate storage, and a safety bar, this set allows you to complete a full-body workout.

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A Smith machine is a multipurpose training gear that works well in home and public gyms. It comprises a strong metal frame with a guided barbell system and a vertical barbell track. Heavy-duty steel’s sturdy structure serves as the Smith machine’s foundation. During exercises, it offers stability and support, assuring safety and lowering the possibility of accidents. A vertical barbell track serves as the Smith machine’s focal point. It has equally placed holes or pegs that enable you to change the barbell’s height to correspond to the exercise position you want to use.


Key Benefits :

  • The pull-up bar is suitable for training your chest, arms, and shoulders
  • Adjustable cables are more flexible for training your muscles.
  • The Smith machine bar helps you squat, and the bench press protects your lower back and shoulders.
  • The cage has a barbell storage to save space.


Products Features:
Model K2
Color Black & Red
Assembled size mm 2160(H) x 2140(W) X 1560(D)
Products Weights 200KG
Package Size
  • Package size1: 204 x 19 x 11cm (38KG)
  • Package size2: 214 x 24 x 14.5cm (43kg)
  • Package size3: 109 x 49 x 26cm (44kg)
  • Package size4: 118 x 49 x 19cm (40kg)
Package Weights 165KG
Assembly Required Yes
Length of Fixed Barbell 186cm
Load Capacity:
Fixed Barbell 200KG
J Hook 200KG
Dip Bar 200KG
Cable System 100KG
Safety Bar 250KG
Weight Holder 200KG
Total Capacity 300KG
Machine Includes:
  • 2 x Pulley Handles
  • 2 x J-Hooks
  • 2 x Spotter Arms
  • 2 x Double Dip Handle Attachments
  • 1 x Landmine
  • 1 x T-Bar
  • 1 x Foot Pedal
  • 1 x Straight Bar
  • 1 x Lat Pulldown Bar
  • 3 x Extension Chains

Additional information

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 214 × 50 × 72 cm

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