Boxing Kick Pads | Double Hand Curved Kick Pad For Kids


This double-hand Curved Strike Shield is for your kick training. specially adapted for the rapid movements in Taekwondo.

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The double-hand curved strike shield is a specialized training tool for Taekwondo practitioners, aimed at improving kicking techniques, speed, and accuracy. Its durable construction, curved shape, and double-hand grip make it well-suited for the fast-paced and dynamic nature of Taekwondo training, providing an effective target for practicing and refining kicking skills.


Key Benefits:

  • The top is slightly curved for optimum absorption.
  • Air vents on the sides prevent too much pressure and thus protect the cushion from bursting.
  • Two handles and other bars on the back for easy handling.
  • This beast is perfect for every type of punch. strike. kick. knee. and more.
  • Benefit from the speed. focus. and strength you will gain from strike shield workouts.
  • Strike shield workouts will put you on the path to a leaner. fitter. and stronger you.


Product Features
Condition Brand New
Size 39 x 26 x 5cm
Color White & Black/ Blue & Red
Quantity One
Warranty One Year

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