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Incorporating a power bag into your training circuits offers numerous benefits, including improved functional strength, stability, grip strength, and versatility. It adds variety and intensity to your workouts and can be adjusted to suit your fitness level and goals. By incorporating a power bag into your training routine, you can take your fitness to the next level and achieve well-rounded physical development.

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Power bags are multi-training stuff that consist of a durable bag filled with sand or other weighted materials. It is designed to provide extra weight during the exercises. Power bags are highly recommended and can be used for different exercises. Exercises such as squats, lunges, carries, cleans, presses, and rotational movements. The adjustable nature of a power bag allows you to easily modify the resistance to match your fitness level and training targets.


Key Benefit

  • Use while doing multiple different exercises
  • Different hand positions on the bag
  • Functional Strength and Stability
  • Full-Body Workout
  • Suitability Home gym


Product Features
Condition Brand New
Color Black
5kg 35 x 15 x 16cm
10kg 46 x 17.5 x 18cm
15kg 51 x 20 x 20.5cm
20kg 58 x 20 x 20.5cm
25kg 62.5 x 21.5 x 22cm
30kg 67 x 22.5 x 23cm
Warranty One Year

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

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