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Those resistance bands are the best choice for family fitness and can be combined and sold separately.

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Our bands are crafted from 100% natural latex renowned for its durability and elasticity, these resistance bands are the ultimate fitness companions. They’re meticulously designed to provide resistance for a wide variety of exercises, making them perfect for both bodybuilding and stretching routines.

Our Resistance Band sets offer a spectrum of resistance levels to cater to various fitness levels and exercise demands. These bands excel at strengthening muscles, with a particular focus on key areas like legs, ankles, and shoulders.  They provide crucial support during your training, helping you build the strength you need to conquer pull-ups. Available in all stretching levels made with high quality, we supply lots of these to gyms and yoga centres.

Get your body primed and ready for action with our resistance bands. They are the go-to choice for a thorough warm-up before your training sessions, great for home exercise use as well.

Key Benefits:

  1. Unmatched Versatility: Your one-stop solution for diverse workouts.
  2. Muscle Engagement: Activate and target specific muscles effectively.
  3. Scalability: Adapt to your fitness level with progressive overload.
  4. Injury Prevention and Recovery: Safeguard against injuries and aid in rehabilitation.
  5. Enhanced Pull-Up Training: Get the extra assistance you need to build pull-up strength.


Product Features:
Condition Brand New
Model:6.4mm Resistance: 2-7 kg
  Size: 208cm x 4.5mm x 6.4mm
Model: 13mm Resistance: 7-16 kg
  Size: 208cm x 4.5mm x 13mm
Model: 17mm Resistance: 10-20 kg
  Size: 208cm x 4.5mm x 17mm
Model: 19mm Resistance: 12-25 kg
  Size: 208cm x 4.5mm x 19mm
Model: 22mm Resistance: 11-30 kg
  Size: 208cm x 4.5mm x 22mm
Model: 32mm Resistance: 16-39 kg
  Size: 208cm x 4.5mm x 32mm
Model: 45mm Resistance: 23-57 kg
  Size: 208cm x 4.5mm x 45mm
Model: 64mm Resistance: 30-80 kg
  Size: 208cm x 4.5mm x 64mm
Model: 83mm Resistance: 36-104 kg
  Size: 208cm x 4.5mm x 83mm
Model: 86mm Resistance: 45-136 kg
  Size: 208cm x 4.5mm x 86mm
Model: 104mm Resistance: 55-150 kg
Size: 208cm x 4.5mm x 104mm
Warranty One Year

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