Multi Function Smith Machine Trainer


Smith machine with leg press and chest training station.


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Smith Machine Trainer Desription

Smith Machine Trainer: It is a multifunctional piece of fitness equipment designed for strength training and resistance exercises. It combines a heavy duty steel frame with a fixed barbell that provides a controlled range of motion during exercise. The main feature of the Smith machine is its horizontal barbell track, which allows the user to perform various exercises in a stable and guided manner. This Smith machine includes squats, bench presses, shoulder presses, lunges, and more. Guided movements help individuals maintain proper posture and stability, making them suitable for users of all fitness levels, including beginners.

Key Benefits:

  • All -in-one solution: Smith machines have a built-in safety mechanism that allows users to lock the bar at various heights, reducing the risk of injury during exercises.
  • Safety and Stability: Power racks are stable and sturdy, providing a secure environment for heavy lifting. This stability is crucial for users who are lifting heavy weights.
  • Strength and Muscle Development:Smith machines can help with muscle isolation as they guide the bar along a fixed path. This can be beneficial for targeting specific muscle groups during exercises.
  •  Versatilit:Power racks provide a versatile platform for various exercises, including squats, bench presses, overhead presses, and more. This versatility makes them suitable for a full-body workout.


Product Feature
Model Number K5
Color Black
Material Steel Tube
Assemble Required Yes
Package Size and weights cm:
  • Carton 1: 214x56x19/47kg
  • Carton 2:201x51x28/50kg
  • Carton 3: 114.5x64x24/47kg
  • Carton 4: 214x35x10/49kg
  • Carton 5: 38.5cm x 20cm x 27cm (L x W x H), 34kg-12.5lbx6
  • Carton 6: 38.5cm x 20cm x 27cm (L x W x H), 34kg-12.5lbx6
  • Carton 7: 38.5cm x 20cm x 27cm (L x W x H), 34kg-12.5lbx6
  • Carton 8: 38.5cm x 20cm x 27cm (L x W x H), 34kg-12.5lbxc6
Package Weights +-329KG
Assemble Size  203.5cm x 151.3cm x 218.6cm (L x W x H)
Product Weights +-317KG
Smith Machine Includes
  • Pulley Handles x 2
  • J-Hooks x 2
  • Spotter Arms  x 2
  • Double Dip Handle Attachments x 2
  • Landmine x 1
  • T-Bar x 1
  • Foot Pedal x 1
  • Straight Bar x 1
  • Triceps Double Rope x 1
  • Lat Pull-down Bar x 1
  • Attachments Hangers x 3
  • Extension Chains x 3
Load Capacity
Fixed Barbell 200KG
Dip barbell 200KG
Cable System 100KG
Safety bar 200KG
Weights Holder 200KG
Total capacity 350KG
Warranty One Year



Additional Information

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Additional information

Weight 390 kg
Dimensions 234 × 128 × 18 cm
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