Smith Machine/Power Cage

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This Multi-Functional Trainer / Smith Machine & Squat Rack is the top popular machine in Lee warehouse. It is the ultimate all in one trainer and combined a functional trainer with a counter-balanced commercial smith barbell added a squat rack with spotter's arms and designed a clever pulley system all in one compact amazing machine. You can enjoy the workout at home.

Key Benefits

  • All-in-One Smith Machine
  • Landmine
  • Pull up Bar
  • Adjustable Pulleys
  • Multi-functional

Product Features 

  • Model: J009
  • Cage size : 110cm L x 125cm W x 220cm H frame : 50 x 50 m
  • Good solid frame built to last
  • Max Load: hold up to 500kg way training 
  • Leg muscle training
  • weight bench trading
  • deep squat
  • pull up
  • push up
  • pull down
  • dumbbells bench training
  • cage weight: 135 kg
  • power cage rack (shown in the first photo)
  • Build-in Pull up bar
  • Build-in smith squat bar
  • come with a dip bar
  • come with landmine

Does not come with the Olympic bar /bench and weights shown in the photos.

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